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Table Funky One


Table with soft fabric on the inside. The fabric is removable which makes it easy to switch colour and by that change the look of the table. 


Design: Karin Nyberg


Measurements: L:1400, W:600, H:400 mm


Materials: Frame in pressuremoulded MDF

                 Removable pluschfabric inside table 

                 Metal polished stainless steel



Venéer:  Fanér Zebrano  Zebrano      
Laquer:  Vit lack  Matte or glossy finish
Fabric colour:

 Tyg Rosa 02

 Tyg Beige 18  Tyg Orange 30  Tyg Vinröd 43  Tyg Lila 52
  Pink Beige  Orange  Plum  Purple
   Tyg Ljusgrön 60  Aqua 71  Tyg Grå 92  Tyg Mörkbrun 107  Tyg svart 108
  Light green  Aqua  Grey  Dark brown Black 
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